WebEx Meetings Free also includes:

  • Video from multiple webcams
  • Collaboration tools like commenting, real-time annotation, and chat
  • Secure, shared Meeting Spaces with file sharing, comments, and IM
  • Meeting recordings to share or review
  • Integrated audio with Active Speaker so you know who's talking
  • Delivery over the Cisco Collaboration Cloud for exceptional reliability and enterprise-grade security

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Your WebEx Meetings Free plan includes:

  • 3 people per meeting
  • 1 host licence
  • Audio VoIP (internet)
  • Sharing of desktop, whiteboard and documents
  • Standard-quality video
  • 250 MB of storage
  • …and much more!

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And much more...

  • Share files, video, a whiteboard and anything on your desktop
  • Integrated audio with Active Speaker to highlight who's talking
  • Streaming video from multiple webcams
  • Record and share meetings
  • Built-in collaboration tools like real-time annotation and chat
  • Meeting Spaces with file sharing, commenting and instant messaging
  • Exceptional uptime and enterprise-grade security through the Cisco Collaboration Cloud

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